Project Management Templates

You need a sharp project schedule that can impress your customer but can’t use expensive project scheduling software? Do you need a project performance report aligned with the International best practices, as well as the Project Management Institute (PMI) ® framework? Are you trying to create a project charter, but are not sure on what should be included?
You don’t have to develop project management documents from scratch. You can streamline your project management planning effort by using our MS office project management templates. Just add your own project information and save valuable time.


Business case

The Business Case Template enables you to assess the project’s business justification based on an understanding of its benefits, costs and risks.
Business case

Stakeholder Analysis Template

The Stakeholder Analysis Template allows you to plot stakeholders in a power vs interest chart, as well as store additional information regarding the stakeholders
Stakeholder analysis

Project Charter

The Project Charter Template enables you to document the project formal mandate, along with an high-level understanding of the project. You can download the Project Charter Template below.

Smart Objectives Template

The Smart Objectives Template enables you to record objectives in a specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-phased manner. You can download the Smart Objectives Template below.
Smart Objectives

Requirements Traceability Matrix

The Requirements Traceability Matrix Template enables you to track requirements along the project life cycle. You can download the Requirements Traceability Matrix Template below.
Requirements Traceability

Project WBS Template

The Project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Template can be used in a small project to decompose project deliverables into detailed work. You can download the WBS Template below.


Project Schedule Template

The Project Schedule Template can be used to record the schedule information of a small project. You can download the Project Schedule Template below.

Resource Planning Template

The Resource Planning Template can be used to balance resource planned capacity with actual resource assignments. You can download the Resource Planning Template below.
Resource planning 

Communication Management Plan Template

The Communication Management Plan Template can be used to record communication requirements from project stakeholders, along with the approach used to fulfill those needs. You can download the Communication ManagementTemplate below.
Communication management

Earned Value Management

The Earned Value Management Template allows you to integrate and report scope, schedule and cost performance information. You can download an Earned Value Management Template below.


EVM Graph

Risk Register

 Use this template for identifying, assessing and recording the risks that your organisation faces.


risk register




Major Milestones

Milestones are tools used in project management to mark specific points along a project. Use this template to register the major milestones of your project.

Major Milestones

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