Based on the existing methodology and international best practices, we develop and implement new project management processes.

We work with you to identify the elements required to a comprehensive project management methodology. At the same time, we trim those processes to meet your organization needs, environment and history.

We will adopt a phased approach that enables a smooth implementation of best practices:

  • Pilot – Project management processes are developed and documented. Optionally, a pilot project is used to test the adopted processes.
  • Rollout – The processes are rolled out to the organization. Templates are developed, project management tools are implemented or customized and the project managers’ community is trained.

Take aways

  • Project management procedures
  • Project management templates
  • Simulation on a pilot project
  • Training
  • Project management tool customization
  • Coaching


  • Reduce effort
  • Optimize resources
  • Supprt better decisions
  • Promote project success
  • Facilitate learning